Saturday, March 13, 2010

Vintage Fabric, Quilting, Sewing?

Christmas is over, and so the hard work begins. I am currently back at college, and the work has started to mount up. There are designs to make, projects to think up and craft materials to source. Thankfully, apart from the constant supply of tea that is fuelling my life, i have managed to stumble upon a local company who sell beautiful vintage buttons and vintage fabrics. It also seems to be the escape from the darken days with lots of colours, and pattern and a familiar sense of chirpiness - Spinsters Emporium is my new love.

My new found love saved my from valentines day, by inspiring me to dust the sewing machine down and get to work with the projects that I've been meaning to get around to. All my Christmas money has gone on vintage fabric and craft packs. I am going to tell you straight here the craft packs were made by Gods. 1 pack can include a beautiful collection of vintage fabric cut offs, ranging from floral fabrics to retro fabrics, or vintage buttons, or even embellishment ideas. There is so many wonders, i believe i lost my breath for a second! Today the idea of quilting popped into my little head, and nana will be proud. With the help of spinsters emporium, and a rebirth into quilting, spinsters everywhere can make anything! I have recently purchased, Cuter than a daisy vintage fabric pack. Plus all the products come with adorable, fun loving names!

So, basically its time for quilting, and I am a little nervous about this venture, so a book has been found which is also at Spinsters, in other lovely stuff. Do they have everything you would ever need? Yes, my friend, I believe they do. Quilts have always fascinated me, but they are such an expensive thing to buy. My nana had a beautiful quilt that envolved patchwork, and little embellished delight; there is nothing more beautiful than something handmade. She was in the era of make do and mend but i believe that we to are in the new era of make do and mend, we may not need to make do, but I am a simple soul looking for simple ways of being happy this is happiness.

Etsy is bursting at the seams with patchwork, handmade delights, and I hope one day that I will be able to sell my happiness to the people of the world, the spinsters are the makers, looking for a chance of love, in spending the joy. Recently I read an article of quilting involving the upcoming exhibit in the V&A, and what was fascinating was the young groups of girls who would share patterns and ideas for making a huge quilt! Any one of there who would be my friend? Wanted: quilting fabric, vintage fabric, a steady hand and a good sense of humour. Contact me on.... haha the spinsters personal ads.

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